Grilled Cheese Challenge: Finale

I am not a quitter.

But my recent desire for my variety and trip home has caused me to end the Grilled Cheese Challenge early.  I’m not going to force myself eat anything I don’t want to and I’ve just been craving other things. Food is such an enjoyable thing to me that I want to eat every different thing that I can.

So here ends the Grilled Cheese Challenge.

27 days is still impressive. The first two weeks were probably the best. It was nice to have lunch planned out already. But then I wanted to eat the other delicious foods that I incorporate into my diet.

And I’ve learned a lot. For example:

  • One block of cheese- oz. can last me almost a month
  • There are many different ways to get your cheese “melty”
  • Muenster has such a great flavor, it might be a new favorite
  • I went through a lot more bread than I normally would in a month
  • Broccoli, apples, tomatoes, and even guacamole tasted good on a grilled cheese. Try it.

Needless to say, I probably won’t be having grilled cheese for a while. I’ll go back to my once in a while habit which makes this simple sandwich all the more special.

Have a terrific weekend!

About Kristina

I'm a college student who's a self-proclaimed foodie, book lover, and exerciser. Balancing life, school, exercise, and my hobbies isn't easy but I'm making it work and trying to live healthy along the way.

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Hi! I'm Kristina and a college student who loves food, eating, fitness, and variety of other fun things! I have a combined love of food and fitness and trying to balance it all into my busy life. FoodNook is my way of documenting my experiences and adventures in navigating healthy living on my own and trying out new things.
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