Legs like Jello

Happy Wednesday!

Half-way there, and it’s a super halfway point because next week is Thanksgiving, and does that even really count as a full week? Not in my book.

I’m recovering from a cold, have a big test tomorrow and am very sleepy so I’m just going to share some random ramblings with you:

  • The tofu I made Monday night was even better yesterday in a pita. Hello lunch for the rest of the week. This usually happens with anything I make, since I’m cooking for one, but as long as it’s good I’m set. As much as I love cooking, I don’t want to be stuck with tons of food in the frig. Come over for dinner? kthanksbye
  • Monday, I did yoga and went for a run, which is my normal routine. And 5 miles isn’t anything extraordinary for me. Yet, my legs feel like jello and shaky. Not good.
  • Sweet potato chips are heavenly food.

heavenly cupcakes from last Thursday

  • I’m trying to limit my consumption of sweets (read eat only one cookie or one scoop of ice cream or one piece of chocolate etc) in preparation for Thanksgiving. It’s okay to stuff yourself on the big day, just not 10 days before hand.

What’s going on in your life?


About Kristina

I'm a college student who's a self-proclaimed foodie, book lover, and exerciser. Balancing life, school, exercise, and my hobbies isn't easy but I'm making it work and trying to live healthy along the way.

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Hi! I'm Kristina and a college student who loves food, eating, fitness, and variety of other fun things! I have a combined love of food and fitness and trying to balance it all into my busy life. FoodNook is my way of documenting my experiences and adventures in navigating healthy living on my own and trying out new things.
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