Spring Break

Sorry for being MIA but…

I’m relaxing at home this week so I’ll be back later!

Crazy for Coconut

Lately, I’ve been in a coconut fever.

A couple weeks ago I bought a bag of coconut flakes at the grocery store thinking they would be perfect as a little treat.

Well then I made a coconut cake.

And of course topped my oatmeal in coconut.

I even wanted to eat it plain but thought that might be a little too weird.

And then I bought yoplait’s Greek yogurt in coconut. Yum. Delicious. Perfect.

It also probably doesn’t help that our bathroom soap is coconut flavored too. But that was after all of this started and I didn’t pick it out…


Coconut just puts me in the mood for summer and with all this nice weather we’ve been having, it fits perfectly in. So I have even more of an excuse to eat it now!


What have you been craving lately?

The Family Dinner that Almost Was Not

Last Wednesday, I was a mess.

Nothing went particularly wrong with my day but I was in the worst emotional mood ever for no reason. Mid afternoon, I had a good random cry again for no reason but felt 200% better after. Maybe that’s all I needed? I figure a good cry is better than going around feeling like you have to cry all the time.


But back to dinner. We had planned on doing a little Irish feast of corned beef and cabbage with some potatoes and carrots. Well, we never bought corned beef and that left us on Wednesday with only cabbage as the headliner. SAD.

Also, we had basically nothing to whip together into a meal but managed to work it all out. I found a recipe from Peas and Thank You for Yukon Gold Burgers which we didn’t managed to make as well (they were kinda falling apart) but did the trick and saved the day.

Last Wednesday turned out alright after all.

Do ever act emotional for no reason?


Have a great day!



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