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Hello there!

So I kind of took a not so short break from Foodnook this summer. A lot was happening.

My finals wrapped up, I went home and tackled the mess of my room (only to have it need to be tackled again :)), started an internship which kept me insanely occupied. My days looked like this: Wake up, drive to the train, ride the train in, work all day, commute home, go to the gym, head home, eat, and crash. Rinse and repeat.

It was a great summer, don’t get me wrong. I just wasn’t cooking much, wasn’t being overly creative, and just needed a little break from blogging.

But now I kind of miss it. My return isn’t going to result in full out day by day updates. I think I need to take it slow and post when I feel like it, a couple times a week. After all, isn’t balance key to everything in life?


About Kristina

I'm a college student who's a self-proclaimed foodie, book lover, and exerciser. Balancing life, school, exercise, and my hobbies isn't easy but I'm making it work and trying to live healthy along the way.

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Welcome to FoodNook!

Hi! I'm Kristina and a college student who loves food, eating, fitness, and variety of other fun things! I have a combined love of food and fitness and trying to balance it all into my busy life. FoodNook is my way of documenting my experiences and adventures in navigating healthy living on my own and trying out new things.
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