A Festive Weekend

This weekend was full of fun and festive activities. I just love the holiday season.


Holiday music:

IMG_0442 - Copy

Candy canes, Gingerbread men sandwiched with peppermint ice cream, and Gingerbread houses


I actually love peppermint ice cream- even though it’s cold outside. And I’m super impressed with how well the house is till staying together.

Tim Tams snagged at Target:

IMG_0435 - Copy

I miss this so much since studying abroad in Australia and am so glad that are here for the holiday season. I totally plan on treating myself while I can!

More cookies (More to come on these later!)IMG_0438 - Copy

What were you up to this weekend?

Besides all the Christmasy things I did, I am doing plenty of studying for my upcoming finals- Just about a week and a half more!

About Kristina

I'm a college student who's a self-proclaimed foodie, book lover, and exerciser. Balancing life, school, exercise, and my hobbies isn't easy but I'm making it work and trying to live healthy along the way.

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Hi! I'm Kristina and a college student who loves food, eating, fitness, and variety of other fun things! I have a combined love of food and fitness and trying to balance it all into my busy life. FoodNook is my way of documenting my experiences and adventures in navigating healthy living on my own and trying out new things.
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