Three Things I’m Loving

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done one of these but I’m back!

However, this will just be short and sweet because I have a  lotttt to do between now and my final tomorrow at 8! (woohoo- can you sense my sarcasm). But then my hardest final is done with and I have a couple days before my next (and last) one.

Here we go:

1) Mugs


I’ve always been a fan of mugs as opposed to coffee cups for my coffee so when I plopped myself down at Starbucks to studying for a while, I go my coffee  ‘for here’ and was in complete bliss with my mug.

2) Finals study snacks

Courtesy of momma.


3) Sweet Potatoes


I’ve always been a fan but it seems like I just can’t get enough lately. While I’m definitely up for experimenting ( like this recipe), you can’t beat a quick and easy dinner of a baked sweet potato

What are you loving?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Three Things I’m Loving

Happy Friday!

Ready for the weekend? I am. I plan on being lazy catching up on some t.v. and maybe enjoying some slightly warmer weather while I still can. Last night I went to my favorite butts and gutts class and am feeling oh so sore today so hopefully I can still move this weekend ;).

This cooling of the weather makes me want everything to be warm and cuddly so that just happens to be what I’m enjoying at the moment.

1) Popcorn and Hot chocolate.

I happen to love this pairing as a good evening snack. I don’t know why but chocolate and popcorn just taste so good together!
2) Warm fuzzy socks

I do not usually enjoy sleeping with socks on but it’s kinda been a necessity of late. If I had a choice, I’d probably keep on these socks for eternity… but then my feet would really start to smell.

3) Pumpkin Apple Muffins

I used this recipe and am loving the texture and taste of the ingredients. I doubt they’ll make it through the weekend.

Have a great weekend!

Three Things I’m Loving

Happy Friday!

With only one day of class this week, it feels weird that the weekend is here but I still have lots to do on my plate!

Three things I’m currently loving

1) Squash

I’ve always been a huge squash fan but have restock more of my supplies lately. I had this salad for lunch a while ago but am planning on having more autumny salads.

I love the egg on top because it adds some protein to the mix and tasted pretty good with the squash. Adding dried fruit would also be fantastic (not with the egg- with the squash!)


2) Fall runs

This photo is from last weekend but I love that I saw a deer on my run. All of the pretty fall leaves made my run even better too.

3) Yoga

I’ve been loving the yoga classes I have been taking for credit at school and they have definitely made me want to pursue a more regular practice. Last Sunday, I went to a heated class at the local studio to try and calm my nerves and loved it! It was pretty expensive though so as I participate in the Fitnessista‘s Namaste November, I’ll probably be utilizing Yoga Download podcosts a lot.


What have you been loving?

Have a great weekend!

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