When in Rome

Nothing is better than biting into a crisp fresh apple when there is a cool breeze in the air. Sound like fall to anyone?       Yeah me too.

While I haven’t been apple picking yet (maybe this weekend?), I have picked up some pretty good apples at the grocery store. Looking at all the varieties, I can go with the classic Gala (well it’s a classic for me) or try something completely different.  I’ve heard that Jazz apples are really good and I’m always a bit of a Granny Smith fan but there are just so many different types, it’s mind-boggling.

And it just so happens that the Rome apples were looking bright and red and shiny. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover or an apple by its shine but let me tell you, the shine definitely indicated good.

While I’m awful at describing the subtle differences in types of apple tastes, I will say that the Romes were delicious and made the perfect evening snack yesterday.

I was a Hungry Hippo and just couldn’t eat enough yesterday. So I went for a healthy after dinner snack of apple slices and caramel dip. YUM. It hit my perpetual sweet tooth and need for crispy crunchiness.

Do you have a favorite type of apple that I should try?

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