Easy Artisan Bread

About a year ago, I asked for this book as a present. I had really begun to get into the depths of cooking and was looking at how to make more things from scratch.

Bread,  I thought, was tricky. It had to be kneaded and demanded your attention periodically. I could deal with that every once in a while, but I wanted something low maintenance and easy to come back to.

I saw some recipes from the 5 minutes a day Healthy Bread book scattered across the web and thought it was something I should try. The book transformed my world of bread.

I bought whole wheat flour, vital wheat gluten, a large jar of yeast, and other ‘different’ ingredients. The first bread I tried was a Turkish pear bread. It was divine. I loved how there were your traditional whole wheats, pumpernickel, rye but also breads with fruits and veggies, and recipes for flatbreads, crackers, and breadsticks.

Every visit I have home, I’m almost always making some sort of recipe from the book. This was just a whole wheat loaf, but it hit the spot and kept me wanting more.

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