Working Hard and Cheesy Brocolli Quinoa

I haven’t been running as much lately. Which is a kind of sad realization when I think about how much I love to run. I still get in a good run once or twice a week but my exercise class (for credit) plus the yoga and other classes I’m doing on the side are taking up my days and exercising time.When I do get to run, it feels great and is maybe good for me that I’m not doing it every day.

I’m loving the classes though. The fact that I’m also committing 50-60 minutes of my time as opposed to struggling to make my run 40 minutes instead of 30 is also great for me. The classes are challenging but also work every part of my body, and I leave feeling great.

In addition to my lower body blast class and the power yoga I’ve been doing, I’ve thrown in a little spin, butts and guts, 20-20-20 (twenty minutes of cardio, toning and abs each) and Pilates. Each is a bit of a different workout but pushes me to stay motivated.

Hopefully, I can keep up going to all these different types of classes because I’m getting such a great (and sweaty workout) in.

And on the topic of things I’m doing lately, I’ve also been eating a lot of broccoli. It’s great this time of year and works well with just about anything… like Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa.

I cooked the quinoa in double the amount of water for about 15 minutes, steamed some broccoli and then mixed the two together and topped with grated cheddar cheese which I stirred around so that the heat melted it.


What are your favorite types of workouts?

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