Three Things I’m Loving

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done one of these but I’m back!

However, this will just be short and sweet because I have a  lotttt to do between now and my final tomorrow at 8! (woohoo- can you sense my sarcasm). But then my hardest final is done with and I have a couple days before my next (and last) one.

Here we go:

1) Mugs


I’ve always been a fan of mugs as opposed to coffee cups for my coffee so when I plopped myself down at Starbucks to studying for a while, I go my coffee  ‘for here’ and was in complete bliss with my mug.

2) Finals study snacks

Courtesy of momma.


3) Sweet Potatoes


I’ve always been a fan but it seems like I just can’t get enough lately. While I’m definitely up for experimenting ( like this recipe), you can’t beat a quick and easy dinner of a baked sweet potato

What are you loving?

Have a wonderful weekend!

What I Ate Wednesday: Coffee and Candy

Hi all! Time for another WIAW! Head over to Peas and Crayons to check out the other great WIAW posts.

Mine’s from this past Monday again, and it was a busy day! Maybe not the “best” fall habits but there is healthy balance.

So breakfast started with some oatmeal that I had soaked overnight in water and then added a splash of silk to in the morning. I love it like this, it gets so creamy.

Mid morning I grabbed a coffee from Starbucks and headed to one of the business buildings to help out at an information table for the firm I interned for. They had little bags of candy so I munched on some sour ones. Yum!

Lunch was with my professional mentor for a scholars program I’m in for school. I didn’t snap a pic, but it was a perfect sized portion of a grilled chicken salad with pecans, craisins, and balsamic dressing.

After a long lunch, I had to hurry off to class. I was so hungry when I came back that I made dinner at 4:30 even though I had about an hour and a half before I had to go to my night class.

A nice healthy salad with colorful tomatoes and udon noodles with meatballs. Satisfying and delicious.

Before going to class, I brewed a cup (or two!) of this coffee I purchased at T.J. Maxx’s this weekend. I love random finds there, and I love pumpkin spice coffee even more! Oh, and I ate an apple to try and tame my sweet tooth.

Can you tell I love my coffee?

After class, I did some studying for the exam I have today and opened another pack of the candy I snagged this morning. I just couldn’t get enough of the sweet stuff today. This was the perfect portion though and a good study sugar rush.

Are you able to resist candy?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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