A Favorite Treat: Macarons

While in Australia, I sample my first french macaron. I’ve had the fluffy pillows of coconut also called macaroons before and loved them but these are special. And since they were every where, I simply had to try them. And try them some more.

I had a plethora but loved them all.

And either I don’t live around bakeries in the United States that make macarons or I am just horribly uninformed. I think its the former but would be glad if it were the later (because then I could become informed and eat them all up!). Truthfully, I think there are a few places but they’re rare and not so convenient.

That left me with 2 options: exploring or making my own. Even though I’ve heard horror stories, I figured I can’t fail until I try. And so I did.

Using a mixture between this recipe and this recipe plus a lemon curd, they actually turned out pretty well. Only a few cracked on top but they still stayed together and in nice domes (or feet as I think it’s called, I need to work on my macaron vocab!).

I was patient and followed the instructions pretty well. Whipping egg whites might be the most dreadful part because it takes forever and I just want them to peak. But be patient and they will!

We had some lemons on hand so I made a lemon macaron with a lemon curd. It was delicious. And now I know I can do it. So I’ll try and try again with so many different flavors.

To me, macarons are a special treat, to be enjoyed one bite at a time with a nice coffee or cup of tea. So this batch will last me a while. But I can’t wait until the next one!

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