Soy Sauce Oat Groats + Leftovers

There is something so appealing about leftovers from takeout.

Maybe it’s the lingering thrill from not having to cook or maybe its that you get to treat yourself again.

Whatever it is, it’s always a little sad if let’s say your leftover rice runs out before your chicken and broccoli does. Half the reason I order this dish is for the cold white rice and how it clumps together in the refrigerator and tastes so good. Okay, I’m a little weird (we’ve established this) but I’m sure someone gets what I’m saying.

So when I went to eat my chicken and broccoli for the third time, I was out of white rice. I didn’t want to eat it plain but didn’t want to cook up some rice for my lunch, it would take too long.

I improvised.

I microwaved some oat groats with water and a tablespoon of soy sauce.

Let me tell you, it was delicious. The perfect side dish and not breakfasty like oats can sometimes be. The possibilities with oats never seizes to amaze me.

It’s really that simple, measure out your desired portion of oats ( I used oat groats because I wanted more texture but regular oats would work too!), add water and a little soy sauce and microwave. Easy peasy done.

And you get to enjoy your leftovers again.

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