Orzo, Black beans, and Kale

A lot of my meals tend to be one dish mixes of a few things. I’m not a big fan of mixing things together but usually it works. It’s simple to throw almost everything together in one pot and mix it up. Especially if it’s leftovers like this orzo from the other night.

Also, I can make a big bowl of something like this because it’s like eating smaller portions of each individual thing but know it’s just thrown together. It’s the perfect compromise.

And because it’s somewhat healthy, I can munch on chocolate chips or Starburst jelly beans all night long without the guilt. I would do it anyway, but still.

Simple and delicious, what more can you ask for.

Delayed Dinner

Last week I didn’t cook much. It all started with a spontaneous invite to a birthday dinner for my grandpa (which was delicious!) and then other plans that just kept popping up making a ‘normal’ dinner meal impossible. I had some great meals but nothing that I had really planned even though I had ideas in my head!

Funny thing was, all week I was craving balsamic chicken with orzo. I even had chicken already marinated that I had to use up before I could actually make this dinner. (It turned into a great salad though).

So it just sat on my taste buds all week until finally Sunday, six days later, I could make it.

Nothing is as satisfying as a dinner that you anticipate to be good and it is just that.

I marinated my chicken in balsamic vinegar and Italian spices for several hours and then baked it at 350 for about 30 minutes ( I had thin chicken so keep an eye on yours).

My orzo was from Trader Joe’s and I cooked it per instructions with some garlic in the pan to give it an extra kick.

Of course, I made some broccoli to get in my veggies.

Simple and delicious.


Have an excellent weekend!

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