Oatmeal for power

This past Thursday morning, I got up fairly earlier than normal so I could head to a spin class.

I enjoy spin but this isn’t my usual plan of action due to the other fitness activities I’ve been doing (i.e. in lower body class, yoga, and running). However, I’m trying out a couple new things for a new goal I’m striving for (more on that later, if it happens) and also wanted to get in some extra cardio since I was doing yoga later that evening

After that sweat session, I had to race back to my apartment to get ready for class. Things went smoothly but I was STARVING, so needed something to hold me over until lunch. Lately, I can get by with just some toast or yogurt with fruit. Here, I needed protein.

Even though I haven’t been in a oatmeal mood lately, I decided it was the perfect solution. So I mixed up oats, almond butter, peanut butter, flax seed, and applesauce to create the perfect protein breakfast that had a delicious flavor and fueled me through the morning.

Looking back at it now, I’m actually craving it and now have a perfect meal for early morning (or anytime of the day) workouts.

What’s a simple breakfast meal you enjoy after a hard workout?

Have a great week!

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