Random Musings from the Weekend

The majority of my weekend was spent lying around the house doing little random things and generally relaxing.

After several weeks of fun but full days, I need some me time, some time to breathe and catch up on relaxation before going again.

I sipped tea for my sore throat due to a little bit of congestion. Lots of vitamin C in the form of oranges, grapefruits, and Emergen-C also.

I baked a lot and tried to make a soup that ended up being a failure (mainly because it was ugly, it tasted okay though).

Chocolate chai cupcakes with pumpkin chai icing

A trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics resulted in the fall sprinkles and  pumpkin cookie cutter because they were 50% off and I’m sucker for steals. Also, on my trip to the store, I stopped at DSW and Old Navy and found an awesome pair of training shoes and fell in love with Old Navy’s accessory section – it’s a major upgrade and will probably cost me a pretty penny later on.

Sometimes when I’m by myself for dinner, I like to make meals I envision to be rustic and eat them on the couch in sweats while watching quality t.v. and movies (Nashville and You’ve got mail).

Whole grain baguette with mozzarella, kale and tomatoes.

Speaking of Nashville, I’m really excited to see upcoming episodes and am in love with this song. I think I played it about 20 times yesterday.

And finally, nail painting > studying.

p.s. can you tell I am obsessed with like my iPhone?

What exciting things did you do this weekend?


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