Fun Fallfetti

Shopping is EXHAUSTING. Basically, it’s  an endurance race to see how long you can last while browsing through racks of clothes, navigating through hoards of people and traipsing around mile long malls all in search of the perfect item. Or just for the heck of it.

Yesterday was a shopping day. 2 of my roommates joined me for ‘quick’ trip to the mall so I could get an interview worthy suit (fingers crossed). Thankfully, that was our first stop, and it was a major success. We then proceeded to browse our way through the rest of the shops and emerged 3 hours later, tired but satisfied.

And then we rewarded ourselves with a funfetti cake. But we love fall so it wasn’t just any funfetti cake.

Yes, it was a Halloween cake… who cares if we’re over a month early. We want fall, and we want it now.

And yes, it was out of a box but we’re college students, please forgive us.

We baked it in a rectangular pan but then cut it in half so we could have a layer cake.  And for the record, only a quarter of it is left. Rewards are sweet.

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