Sweet Addictions

I blame genetics for my sweet tooth.

It is a rare occasion that after lunch or dinner that I don’t crave something sweet whether it’s candy, chocolate, or a baked good.

remember this?

But I try to be about balance and control these urges. The beginning of the week (primarily Monday) is when I stay strong. If I slip up during the week and overindulge, I feel bad but don’t stress about it. It’s one day, I’m in college, and all the walking and exercise I do help me to feel less guilty.

At the store, I resist buying anything sweet mainly because of the high rate in which it would be consumed (read: gone in a day) but also because of the price. I’m perfectly capable of making my own treat for a lot less and most likely, it turns out to be more enjoyable.

Right now, we have cookies, gourmet cupcakes, mini m&ms, and chocolate chips lingering on our counters. It’s constant temptation but worth it to enjoy a homemade goodie.

And yesterday, the day when I was supposed to be strong I consumed one of the cupcakes. But I’m letting myself slide because a) I ate it through out the day b) had it as a snack a.k.a when I was hungry and not just wanting something sweet c) I had a super workout and d) this week is stressful.

Little indulgences are needed every once in a while.

M&M cookies made by Crafty Roommate: best ever

Now let’s just try to stay out of the cookie jar for a while. 🙂

What are your sweet temptations?

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