WIAW:After Thanksgiving

Happy Wednesday!

I ate tons over the Thanksgiving holiday so knew I needed to scale it back and eat plenty of healthful foods this week.

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My eats are from Monday as usual so here we go! (Side note: My computer is having uploading pictures at the moment so I have one recycled photo and no new ones-sorry!)

Breakfast was half an orange before yoga followed by some almond butter oatmeal after. This was so filling and a great way to get back on track.

Lunch was a hodge podge of foods but included carrots, celery with laughing cow cheese and a greek yogurt. I finished it off with some glazed walnuts.

My evening ended up being go-go-go between class and tutoring so dinner was a quick toasted turkey sandwich, apples, and mushrooms. I took a baggie of craisins to class with me to nosh on and followed class with a serving of Christmas goldfish!

I tried to balance good for you foods with plenty of benefits with some treats (like the goldfish and glaze on the walnuts) so I wasn’t depriving myself but also wanted to revive my appetite from all the sweets and carb I consumed this weekend.

Happy WIAW! What are you eating?

Break by Iphone

presents for myself

Thanksgiving sunrises


How was your Thanksgiving?

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